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A good possibility to inform the world of what you are creating.

Kiidetud 16.08.2018 10:27:49

very interesting place and a lot new information, esspecialy for people from others coutry.

Kiidetud 16.08.2018 9:11:03


Kiidetud 16.08.2018 7:50:17

The presentation and story of e-Estonia is very tempting and interesting; a place to learn.

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 11:53:56

Presentation/show was really good

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 10:45:30

It was very interesting and inspiring

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 10:32:42

Well organized

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 9:19:38

e-Estonia Showroom gives a condensed overview of Estonia’s amazing success in utilizing digitalization to increase efficiency in the Estonian society, in particular in public services.

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 8:29:04

It was very informative. I leaned a lot about Estonia.

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 3:34:18

Estonian e-service is so unique.There are not any such service(successful service) in Japan.

Kiidetud 15.08.2018 2:05:30