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Convenient, quiet place, modern rooms.

Kiidetud 30.03.2020 10:13:01

За исключением района , все очень очень круто

Kiidetud 09.03.2020 12:16:04

High quality service:)

Kiidetud 18.02.2020 17:10:24

I would recommend for sure, because the price is affordable, students can afford the rent. It is safe to rent a room over 1home which is very important. The only complaint I would make is cleaning. It is true that women come once a week to clean the kitchen and bathroom, but I think they could do a lot better if they were already paid for the same work.

Kiidetud 12.02.2020 22:14:40

It is perfect for exchange students

Kiidetud 10.02.2020 22:13:08

The place is well emplaced, warm and cozy. The utilities that it offers are proper for any student's needs.

Kiidetud 07.02.2020 12:12:27

Everything is freat: the rooms, Service, płace, acomodation. Very professional.

Kiidetud 31.01.2020 18:36:58

Very professional and very good service

Kiidetud 20.01.2020 16:54:00

Its cheap and best.

Kiidetud 21.10.2019 19:46:33

The place is comfortable and safe.

Kiidetud 17.10.2019 15:06:52