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Professional services and very helpful. Also made me feel at ease. Will recommend any day. Thank you!

Kiidetud 09.04.2021 11:14:06

Very helpful service!

Kiidetud 06.04.2021 22:48:22

very useful, I was happy to find out that such a service exists.

Kiidetud 06.04.2021 9:06:56

I have used the services of International House for a few times and can only recommend to someone having the same questions or issues as me. Everyone is very helpful and really try to help out.

Kiidetud 05.04.2021 18:57:34

It is really helpful and saves a lot of time and money for us. I really appreciate the opportunity you provide us to have these consulting sessions.

Kiidetud 03.04.2021 16:44:10

I was warmly welcomed and had a meaningful chat with the counselor.

Kiidetud 02.04.2021 10:46:58

Had questions and received answers. Very efficient at its intended purpose.

Kiidetud 01.04.2021 20:30:40

Great service. 9 because there's always room to keep improving it.

Kiidetud 01.04.2021 20:26:31

It's a trusted source of info that's helpful and easy to use

Kiidetud 01.04.2021 17:36:38

She gave all information properly

Kiidetud 01.04.2021 17:23:28